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// if you’re not here when I break in // Iā€™m gonna go through your closet // just so I can smell your skin // @paramore

// I get it, girl //

// boomerang my head // back to the city I grew up in // again and again // @falloutboy

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x ANA x @badflowermusic

// I feel like I’m looking for something //something that’ll never come //

It’s been a while since I created something & actually posted it. Weird abstract piece including lyrics from @doddleoddle’s song Monster

Rewatching @killingeve & I couldn’t help but draw Villanelle, @jodiemcomer is so great in this role

Some of the most beautifully poignant lyrics from Trench that have stuck with me ever since I first heard them @twentyonepilots

Made some colourful artwork/artwork in general for the first time in a while. Keep seeing photos of @panicatthedisco on tour online atm & this song is one of my faves from Pray For The Wicked so it was inevitable this would happen tbh

Did some painting to process stuff on a difficult day yesterday

Pool by @paramore sums up my anxiety p well & I’ve had this in my head for a while so finally decided to paint it


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