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Did some painting to process stuff on a difficult day yesterday

Pool by @paramore sums up my anxiety p well & I’ve had this in my head for a while so finally decided to paint it

Welcome to M A N I A

Far & wide, I wanna scan and explore it 🌕 @entershikari

Not sure if it’s quite finished but fun lil Sunday project because I’ve missed painting

Random 4am doodles that end up taking way longer than planned 🤷 My brain after dedicating this past week to my Research Paper draft

Day 23: Candy Corn

Lyrical doodles from the other day

Playing about with media this week & doing some 3rd year prep simultaneously

Some paintings from the other day, spent by the seaside

I wish we were all rose-coloured too, my rose-coloured boy 🎨 (Can you tell I’ve been listening to a lot of @paramore lately?

Space theme with weird creatures from Sunday


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