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Did some painting to process stuff on a difficult day yesterday

Pool by @paramore sums up my anxiety p well & I’ve had this in my head for a while so finally decided to paint it

The start of a lil @emmablackery project that I’ve had planned for a while

Made some risographs yesterday on the last day of @newdesigners. Decided to draw Freddie Mercury as it was also Pride in London

Two of my prints are up at @newdesigners stand VC1, please stop by if you’re about in London

Sorry for the lack of updates recently – hand in kept me busy! Here are some digital drawings that I did for my murder house series

A2+ prints finished yesterday with some letterpress 🎨 (Instagram unfortunately crops out details so I’ve had to split the images in half

Some screen printing done today, letter press will be added on Monday & then these will be finished

A few prints from today

Some letterpress prints from Friday, will be doing some more tomorrow

A digital drawing of 10 Rillington Place that I finished this week! It will be screen printed next week too

A few photos from the exhibition last night – thank you to everyone who came along


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