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Sorry for the lack of updates recently – hand in kept me busy! Here are some digital drawings that I did for my murder house series

A2+ prints finished yesterday with some letterpress 🎨 (Instagram unfortunately crops out details so I’ve had to split the images in half

Some screen printing done today, letter press will be added on Monday & then these will be finished

A few prints from today

Some letterpress prints from Friday, will be doing some more tomorrow

A digital drawing of 10 Rillington Place that I finished this week! It will be screen printed next week too

Spent a few hours in letterpress today

Sketch maps from my train journey earlier

Did some new lino prints today, playing about with some complimentary colours

Working on some new lino, hoping to make some more prints by the end of this week

Did a refresher in fabric printing yesterday and learnt about flocking & foiling. Something I never thought I’d be interested in but really enjoyed and want to do more of

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