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Some letterpress prints from Friday, will be doing some more tomorrow

Day 7: Night Mermaid Playing about with the prompt in a different way today

Late night scribbles…may add more to this later

Some paintings from the other day, spent by the seaside

Bullet journaling means being able to practice some type

Adele providing some type inspiration today

One of my Christmas cards made it all the way across the pond to the USA! Go check it out – it’s featured at about 2:40 in the video. And subscribe to Kayla (@ohhellostationery) – she’s awesome!

Latenight doodles ✌️artstudent art unilife uni graphikpaintpens doodle illustration social awareness socialawareness project blood bloodcells redbloodcells hughessyndrome APS type typography handlettering sketch sketchbook hannahplane hannahplaneillustration planesailingdesign

hand drawn. It’s definitely not perfect but I’m happy with it. Happy New Years Eve

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