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Perfecting some prints to be scanned in for a zine I’m working on

9 layer sketch map fabric prints finished today

5/9 layers of printing on 4 different pieces of fabric done today. Last 4 layers will be done tomorrow

Lil poster I drew up today in Illustrator for the Valentine’s Stall 3rd Year Illustration are holding on the 12th✌️ Come on down and buy lots of cute things

Welcome to M A N I A

Far & wide, I wanna scan and explore it πŸŒ• @entershikari

Happy New Year everyone! I started the new semester by making this artist book for an exhibition that’ll be on in a few months time. Something completely out of my comfort zone but I really enjoyed making it

Thanks for a great year! Here’s to more creative adventures in 2018

Did some new lino prints today, playing about with some complimentary colours

Some of my better drawings from the figure drawing session today. Considering I haven’t done this sort of thing in a few years I don’t think I did too badly! πŸ’ͺ (I am very aware that I need to work on my proportions though

Working on some new lino, hoping to make some more prints by the end of this week

Some more prints done today, playing about with a bit of colour


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